Fully licenced refrigeration and air conditioning technician with over 10 years experience

When your air conditioning breaks down (usually on an extremely hot day!), you call in the experts to fix it right? Certainly, it is often the case that your air conditioner can be repaired with minimal fuss and cost. However, in certain circumstances you may have to decide whether it is more cost-effective to repair your air conditioning or install a new air conditioning system. There are many factors to consider before making this decision. Your local Canberra air conditioning expert will be able to talk your through your options, but we’ve put together this list as a guide.

Important Factors to Consider

  • How old is your air conditioning unit? (most units over 10 years old will need to be replaced)
  • What is the total cost of any repair work?
  • Is it likely that more repair work be required in the future?
  • Has your air conditioner had regular maintenance? Is it in good condition?
  • Are replacement parts difficult to find for your particular unit? (It can often be tricky to find parts for units over 10 years old)
  • What are the current running costs of your air conditioner. Would a new air conditioning unit be cheaper to run?
  • How much are you willing to spend on air conditioning (do you really want or need it?)

Your air conditioning technician will be able to offer expert advice on these factors. At Canberra Region Refrigeration, our goal is to maximise the efficiency of your air conditioner while minimising costs. Sometimes this means replacing your air conditioner, and while the initial outlay may be more than a repair, it will save you money in the long term.

Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Whether you decide to install a new air conditioning unit or repair your existing one, the importance of regular maintenance cannot be overstated. Regular air conditioning servicing will increase efficiency, prevent breakdowns and also help dehumidify your home. So how often should you service your air conditioner? It’s best to ask your local Canberra air conditioning expert, but most professionals suggest 1-2 times per year depending on usage and your specific unit.