Fully licenced refrigeration and air conditioning technician with over 10 years experience

Refrigeration is something we often take for granted. In our day to day lives, we may not think much about its importance. However, for many businesses, refrigeration can mean the difference between profit and loss. Commercial refrigeration in Canberra ensures ACT businesses and organisations such as restaurants, supermarkets, and even hospitals to keep operating as usual. To be certain your refrigerators, freezers, and other cooling elements keep functioning at their best, you need the air conditioning and refrigeration experts in the ACT. A team you can rely on is vital for commercial refrigeration, and we at Canberra Region Refrigeration & Air Conditioning can provide.

But what do you look for when choosing your refrigeration professional? Keep these few elements in mind:

Refrigeration Services that Prioritise Quality

Choose a Canberra commercial refrigeration company that places quality at the top of the list. This ensures you’ll get the fastest, friendliest service, but it goes beyond that. Refrigeration demands superior equipment that maintains the optimal temperature without breaking down, leaking, or needing constant repairs. At Canberra Region Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, we guide our customers towards the best refrigeration brands when they’re looking to purchase. When it comes to repairs and service, we use only the most well-respected industry tools and parts, so you can feel confident your refrigerators, freezers, and cool rooms are receiving top-of-the-line treatment. This saves you money and prevents headaches—a win win!

Emergency Repairs and Service Fast

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, downtime is dangerous. When your units malfunction, you could be losing money, impacting your customers, and even hurting your professional reputation. You need to have a refrigeration team you know you can depend on in these situations. Prompt and responsive, our staff is ready to assist when things go wrong. Whether you need emergency repairs, replacement parts, or even a brand new system, we’ll do our absolute best to solve your issues without delay.

An Established Business with a Winning Reputation

Have you ever seen an offer which appeared “too good to be true?” This is often the tactic of inexperienced or even shady businesses, who advertise extremely low prices or unusual deals. Unfortunately, the result is nearly always a disappointment, with poor service or hidden fees. Instead of falling for these marketing strategies, look for a Canberra commercial refrigeration provider who has a solid reputation for great service. If they offer low prices, that’s even better.

We do both. With competitive rates and customer-focused installation, repair, and maintenance, we’ve grown our reputation in the ACT and beyond. And we’re certainly well-established. We’ve been proudly serving the region for more than a decade.

Specialised Knowledge and Skills

Businesses in need of refrigeration services often have special requirements. Restaurant freezers and coolers are different from pharmaceutical fridges, or from cooling elements that don’t house food. In these circumstances, you’ll want to rely on Canberra commercial refrigeration experts who specialise in these industries. That’s us. With years of experience handling the needs of businesses just like yours, we’re your go-to company for commercial refrigeration in Canberra, Murrumbateman Goulburn, Crookwell, Yass, Queanbeyan, and Cooma.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our well-respected refrigeration and air conditioning services for both commercial and domestic properties.