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Do you live in Canberra? Then you know it can be very hard to deal with the hot summers here, as temperatures can get quite extreme at times. Finding the best air conditioning unit is important, but even if you do, you might still have to deal with malfunctions and other similar problems. If you want to avoid unexpected breakdowns you should service your air conditioner regularly.

Air Conditioning Servicing Increases Efficiency

The reason is simple, thanks to regular air conditioner maintenance you get to make sure that your unit works properly and within the necessary parameters. At the same time, regular maintenance allows you to increase the efficiency of your AC unit. As time passes, your air conditioner will lose its efficiency due to dust accumulation and other similar problems. While this might not sound like much at first, it can lead to many potential problems in the long run. If you don’t service your aircon yearly, you can lose around 5% in efficiency. So, in roughly 4 years you will have an air conditioner that’s 20% less efficient. As you can understand, this does affect the overall performance, not to mention your unit will consume even more energy as a result.

Avoid Air Conditioning Breakdowns

If you service your air conditioner regularly, you will be able to identify any potential problems that can cause annoying breakdowns. From leaks to chip damage, all of these can really damage your AC unit and cause it to malfunction. According to industry experts, if you service your air conditioner regularly you will be able to restore around 95% of the original efficiency. It’s also  important to note that a properly maintained AC unit will also help dehumidify your Canberra home without a problem. So, there are plenty of benefits you can receive simply from servicing your air conditioner as often as possible.

How often should you service your air conditioner?

It depends on the type of AC unit you have, how often you use it, as well as environmental factors. However, most industry professionals agree that you should try to service your AC at least once or twice per year. With the right servicing schedule, you will be able to boost the life and performance of your AC unit and you will also be able to reduce its energy requirements.

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